‘Rigs without cigs’ cessation campaign from the Truckers’ Fund

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Rigs Without Cigs 2017 08 01 12 26The St. Christopher Truckers Development and Relief Fund, dedicated to assisting drivers in defraying medical and/or other expenses in health emergencies and other circumstances, among a variety of efforts, has launched its Rigs Without Cigs campaign, now pre-registering drivers and other in the industry who wish to quit smoking for good. Anyone in the trucking industry (including drivers’ spouses) is welcome to participate in the program, and benefits accrue to them just as to those with a valid CDL.

Benefits include helpful tobacco cessation information via website links and other materials, a Facebook group for participant and staff support, quarterly conference calls with Dr. John McElligott on progress, and many others.

St. Christopher Fund Communications and Wellness Manager Julie Dillon notes the fund is kicking off the program at GATS this year. “We plan to present on the health stage,” she says, “and hopefully get a lot of drivers to sign up to quit smoking or using tobacco products.”

For those signing up to participate at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas beginning August 24 this month, a consultation with McElligott will be available as well.

The year-long program will run officially from September 1, 2017, through the end of August next year, and the St. Christopher fund recommends those participating to consult a physician prior, noting the organization itself is available for information on how to do so.

While benefits from the tobacco/smoking cessation program accrue to both CDL holders and non-CDL holders alike, only professional drivers will be eligible for four quarterly prizes to be drawn among active participants and a final drawing to take place at the 2018 GATS show. Drivers can sign up ahead of each quarter. Pre-registration is possible now via this link.

Those taking part in Road Pro’s rewards program can get bonus point for joining the Rigs Without Cigs effort, too.