Guardian camera system/Geotab integration

Guardian Geotab 2 2017 10 17 09 41The Guardian system by Seeing Machines, which combines road- and driver-facing cameras with processing power to detect signs of fatigue and/or distraction, is now available as an add-in on telematics/electronic-logging-device provider Geotab’s marketplace for third-party tools. Guardian utilizes advanced computer vision technology to detect when a driver is a fatigued or distracted, the company says, and provides real-time in-cab alerts to warn the driver, as detailed in Overdrive‘s recent in-depth look at where some camera systems are moving — into the fatigue-detection realm.

As with other dual-cam systems, on-highway events captured by Guardian are transmitted  to a specialist at the company’s 24/7 SafeGuard Center. Specialists then alert the driver’s manager if need be within minutes, the company says. Guardian also claims it can provide intelligent data to fleet managers through a live database and regular reports, giving fleet owners a variety of customizable programs to complement driver training and wellness initiatives.

For more about the company, read Overdrive‘s feature report on the migration of camera systems into new territory: