Trucker Tools’ predictive load feature integrates with TMS

The Trucker Tools “Smart Capacity” predictive freight matching feature’s map view for the back office.The Trucker Tools “Smart Capacity” predictive freight matching feature’s map view for the back office.

Driver smartphone app Trucker Tools, which also provides load tracking and freight-matching features, integrated its Smart Capacity freight-match tool with the MercuryGate Transportation Management Software system, a cloud-based TMS.

Smart Capacity is a next-generation freight matching platform used by both third-party logistics providers (3PLs) and carriers to add a predictive aspect to help match trucks and loads.

The web-based Smart Capacity platform uses real-time data and powerful algorithms to effectively predict when and where capacity will become available, days in advance, for 3PLs and their network of carriers.

“The freight matching process of Smart Capacity does not alter existing business practices or relationships among shippers, 3PLs and carriers,” says Prasad Gollapalli, founder and CEO of Trucker Tools. “Rather, it enhances them by making freight transactions faster, smoother and more efficient. Perhaps more importantly, the technology gives small and mid-size 3PLs a way to aggressively grow their market share against much larger competitors and Silicon Valley startups like Uber Freight.”

The integration with MercuryGate TMS gives broker and 3PL users visibility of optimal and real-time capacity from their network of carriers through the Smart Capacity web portal. Once loads are tendered to carriers, the integrated Load Track platform, also from Trucker Tools, provides MercuryGate TMS users with continuous shipment visibility, instant driver messaging and proof-of-delivery image capture.