Owner-operator charged with toll evasion in Maine

Updated May 21, 2018
(Maine State Police photo)

In April 2018 the Commercial Vehicle Unit was tasked with identifying a subject who over the previous 6 or more years had been travelling on the Maine Turnpike between Augusta and Kittery without paying tolls in a tractor trailer truck. The suspect was avoiding the tolls by illegally attaching license plates not belonging to him, his truck or trailer and had racked up over $1300 in unpaid tolls in Maine and was also suspected of accumulating thousands more in unpaid tolls other northeast states. One of the license plates belonged to a subject who was deceased and another belonged to a local subject who was not involved in the thefts. Over the course of the previous month Cpl. Rogers and Tr. Degroot were able to identify a suspect in the thefts as Danny Olson (61) of Turner, owner of Olson Transportation and a long haul truck driver. On the afternoon of May 17th Cpl. Rogers, Tr. Degroot, and Sgt. Bergquist intercepted Olson shortly after he entered Maine from New Hampshire. Olson was found to be in possession of the illegal registration plates at the time of the traffic stop. Olson was found to be an owner operator driving for K&E Transport of West Newfield, ME. Olson was transported to the Androscoggin County Jail and charged with theft of services (Class C felony), along with the Class E crimes of false log book as he had not taken a proper rest in 5 days, failing to retain his previous log books, illegal attachment of registration plates, unauthorized taking of registration plates, and failing or neglecting to pay tolls. Olson’s truck was also placed out of service and towed due to two imminent safety violations. Olson’s bail was set at $2500 cash and he was released from the jail overnight. Other states will now be contacted regarding the thefts in their states and Federal prosecution will be considered. Troopers from Troop G also assisted in the investigation. #MaineStatePolice #CommercialVehicleUnit

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An owner-operator has been arrested by Maine State Police after racking up more than $1,300 in unpaid tolls in the state over the course of the last six years.

According to an Instagram post by MSP, Danny Olson, the owner of Olson Transportation out of Turner, Maine, had been traveling on the Maine Turnpike over the last six years between Augusta and Kittery without paying tolls. The post alleges Olson had been illegally attaching license plates not belonging to him to his truck and trailer. The agency says he is suspected of accumulating “thousands more in unpaid tolls” in other states.

When police stopped Olson entering Maine from New Hampshire, he was found in possession of illegal registration plates. According to MSP, Olson had been driving as an owner-operator for K&E Transportation Associates out of West Newfield, Maine. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Safety Measurement System shows the fleet to have 26 trucks and 26 drivers.

Olson has been charged with theft of services, along with keeping a false log book, failing to retain previous log books, illegal attachment of registration plates, unauthorized taking of registration plates, and failing or neglecting to pay tolls. MSP says Olson had not taken proper rest breaks in the five days leading up to his arrest.

Police say other states will be contacted regarding Olson’s toll evasion, and federal prosecution will be considered.

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