How to request more time to replace a malfunctioning ELD

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Updated Dec 13, 2023

Updated December 12, 2023, to reflect more current processes for requesting extensions for a malfunctioning ELD fix or replacement beyond the 8 days allowed by regulation. 

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, in June of 2018 when this story was originally published, announced the creation of an email address to be utilized by carriers who need to request an extension of the eight-day period allowed in the regulations for repair or replacement of an electronic logging device that malfunctions. In the event of a malfunction, the ELD mandate rule specified, the affected driver could utilize paper logs for up to eight days, after which the carrier would need to request an extension if more time was needed. 

Have you experienced an ELD malfunction? You’re not alone. | Photo courtesy of owner-operators Nick and Kim HolleyHave you experienced an ELD malfunction? You’re not alone. | Photo courtesy of owner-operators Nick and Kim Holley

The email address for extensions, [email protected], is not longer functional as a central request-reporting avenue, an FMCSA representative said. 

Carriers are once again instructed to send requests for extensions directly through one of the many FMCSA division offices, whichever one covers the area in which the carrier is domiciled. (49 Code of Federal Regulations 395.34 outlines copious driver and carrier responsibilities during an ELD malfunction; access the reg in full via this link.)

An FMCSA rep also noted that the appropriate state division offices, and the “FMCSA state-based Division Administrator, will make the determination” whether to grant the extension and “provide notification.”

FMCSA's central ELD support page on its website notes independent owner-operators and more sizable carriers requesting extensions should supply the following to the state office: 

  • Legal name, principal place of business address, and USDOT number of motor carrier.
  • Name, address, and phone number of carrier rep filing the request.
  • Make, model, serial number of each ELD.
  • Date and location of each ELD malfunction.
  • A concise statement describing actions taken by the carrier to make a good-faith effort to repair, replace, or service the ELD units, including why the carrier needs additional time beyond the 8 days provided by regulation.

For more visit FMCSA's ELD support page at this link.

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