Hours of service, brake violations top Roadcheck out-of-service orders

Updated Sep 16, 2018

Nearly 12,000 trucks and buses were placed out-of-service by inspectors earlier this summer during the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s International Roadcheck inspection blitz. The next blitz, associated with the annual “Brake Safety Week” campaign, meanwhile, kicks off next week.

The Roadcheck spree, held June 5-7 across North America, saw a total of 11,897 vehicles and 2,664 drivers ordered out-of-service. A total of 67,502 roadside inspections were conducted over the three-day event, 45,400 of which were Level I inspections.

CVSA says 21.6 percent of trucks subjected to a Level I inspection were placed out-of-service, and 3.9 percent of drivers who received a Level I, II or III inspection were sidelined. The focus of this year’s Roadcheck blitz was hours-of-service, which represented 43.7 percent of all driver out-of-service violations. However, of all inspections conducted during the event, less than 2 percent of drivers were ordered out-of-service for hours violations.

The top three out-of-service violations for trucks were for brake systems (28.4 percent), tires and wheels (19.1 percent) and brake adjustment (16.3 percent). The top driver out-of-service violations were for hours-of-service (43.7 percent), wrong class license (21.4 percent) and false record of duty status (10.1 percent).

The total number of inspections were higher during 2018’s Roadcheck than the previous year, but there were fewer vehicles and drivers placed out-of-service than in 2017.

A chart showing specific out-of-service numbers from 2018’s Roadcheck can be seen below:

2018 International Roadcheck chart