Schneider brokerage adopts Trucker Tools

The Trucker Tools company announced that Schneider Transportation Management, a division of Schneider (NYSE: SNDR), has selected Trucker Tools’ carrier management and shipment tracking software services to support the brokerage’s growing network of carriers and other operations. The broker is incorporating both Trucker Tools’ Load Track in-transit visibility and Smart Capacity “predictive” matching application into its operational processes.

“We are growing our capabilities with Trucker Tools to deliver a better experience for carriers and easier access” to loads in the Schneider network, said Erin Van Zeeland, Schneider’s senior vice president and general manager of Logistics Services. “With Load Track, our carriers have an easy-to-use platform for delivering quality information on the progress and status of loads in transit as well as visibility to available loads. This allows us to more efficiently connect the right loads with the right carriers while enhancing the visibility shippers want.”

“Our goal is to enable our broker customers to leverage next-generation technology to improve their competitiveness and increase their ‘stickiness’ with carriers,” said Prasad Gollapalli, founder and CEO of Trucker Tools.

The Trucker Tools mobile app and its popularity with drivers, Van Zeeland added, “is a big selling point.”