Tools to help truckers get their jobs done

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Even the best, most proficient truck driver on the road today needs a little help from time to time, and he can get it from some of today’s top technologies.

BlueParrott’s wireless headset

Blue Parrott Wireless Headset 2019 05 06 09 21BlueParrott’s newest wireless headset — the B550-XT — is powered by your voice. You tell it what to do and what you want, and the B550-XT does it.

This robust, powerful headset uses Voice Control Pro to manage your calls, access voice assistants and control apps, music and GPS directions. All you have to say is “Hello BlueParrott” to make use of these and other features on the B550-XT.

The B550-XT also offers 24 hours of talk time, 500 hours of standby, 96 percent cancellation of background noise, and 300 feet of range to pair with other Bluetooth devices.

Rand McNally’s OverDryve Pro 8

Rand Mc Nally Over Dryve Pro 8 2019 05 06 09 22Rand McNally’s OverDryve Pro 8 is an all-in-one dashboard device that comes loaded with navigation tools needed by professional drivers. It’s also equipped to provide essential trucking business tools, as well as ones to keep a driver connected and entertained.

With the OverDryve Pro 8, you can receive real-time updates about the weather, traffic and fuel prices specific to your route. It also provides advanced lane guidance, toll costs, warnings, fuel logs and points of interest, including truck stops and parking. All are displayed on an 8-inch screen.

The built-in Rand McNally DriverConnect app allows you to log your duty hours. OverDryve Pro 8 is electronic logging device-ready, allowing you to simply connect the app to the ELD 50 or DC 200 device for a complete electronic logging solution.

It’s also set up so you can make and receive calls and send texts hands-free, and the OverDryve Pro includes a dashcam to record the road ahead.

SiriusXM’s Onyx EZR

Sirius Xm Onyx Ezr 2019 05 06 09 22SiriusXM’s Onyx EZR makes satellite radio easier to navigate and enjoy. This simple-to-install radio delivers all of SiriusXM’s programming from Howard Stern to live Major League Baseball to music tailored to your particular tastes and moods.

The EZR features an easy-to-read large high-resolution display screen that lets you see the artist or show name, song or program title, and content or channel information. You can store up to 10 of your favorite channels and curate your own music channel that’s a blend of channels you prefer with the TuneMix feature.

The receiver mounts easily on your truck’s dash. Plus, with an optional kit, you can take it out of your truck and listen in your home or outdoors.

LUMAGEAR’s LG3201G tactical flashlight

Lumagear Lg3201 G Tactical Flashlight 2019 05 06 09 22LUMAGEAR’s LG3201G tactical flashlight is bigger and more powerful than what is needed for most situations. But it’s exactly what you need when you’re looking for a stout, bright light that covers a lot of ground with authority.

The LG3201G is 12 inches long, made of aircraft aluminum and powered for up to six hours by three D batteries. It will throw a beam of light almost 500 feet. It is adjustable to wide or focused, and it has three modes: high, low and strobe.

While the LG3201G is lightweight, it’s also durable. More than that, it’s waterproof and impact-resistant, making it durable enough to handle just about any roadside lighting task.

Armor All’s Glass Wipes

Armor All Glass Wipes 2019 05 06 09 22A canister of Armor All’s Glass Wipes in your cab lets you clean windows quickly as part of your pre-trip inspection. They also allow you to do touchups when needed.

Unlike many household cleaners, Armor All’s Glass Wipes do not contain ammonia, which can damage some surfaces.

The glass wipes are formulated to provide outstanding clarity and shine, leave no streaks or haze and easily remove filmy residue, road grime, bugs and fingerprints.