Fuel prices level off after recent hikes | High drama at two crash scenes

Updated Aug 23, 2023

Trucking news and briefs for Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2023: 

Diesel prices stagnate after recent surge

After rising 57 cents in four weeks, diesel prices leveled off during the week ending Aug. 21, rising just 1.1 cent, according to Energy Information Administration numbers.

The slight increase brings the U.S.’ national average for a gallon of on-highway diesel to $4.39, which is 62 cents higher than 2023’s lowest weekly average -- $3.77 during the week ending July 3 -- but still 52 cents lower than the same week a year ago.

During the most recent week, the Midwest region saw a 1.5-cent decrease in average prices, while the Gulf Coast region’s prices were flat. All other regions saw increases, led by the West Coast less California, where prices rose 8.4 cents to $4.79 per gallon. 

California holds the nation’s most expensive diesel at $5.54 per gallon. The cheapest fuel can be found in the Gulf Coast region at $4.10 per gallon, followed by the Midwest region at $4.30.

Prices in other regions, according to EIA:

  • New England -- $4.41
  • Central Atlantic -- $4.55
  • Lower Atlantic -- $4.37
  • Rocky Mountain -- $4.50

ProMiles’ diesel averages during the most recent week showed an 8.2-cent increase to $4.33 a gallon nationwide.

According to the ProMiles Fuel Surcharge Index, the most expensive diesel can be found in California at $5.61 per gallon, and the cheapest can be found in the Gulf Coast region at $4.01 per gallon.

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Driver honored for stopping to help after witnessing rollover crash

Bison Transport driver Mariusz “Mario” Tyszuk has been named a Highway Angel by the Truckload Carriers Association for stopping to help a couple after their SUV crashed on the highway near Denton, Texas.

Mario TyszukMario TyszukOn July 19 at approximately 7:30 a.m., Tyszuk was traveling on I-35 South at mile marker 500 near Denton, Texas. Suddenly, an SUV on the northbound side of the interstate lost control and became airborne, causing the vehicle to roll over and stop, resting on the passenger’s side.

“I was able to pull over safely and immediately ran across the highway to help,” Tyszuk said. “Upon arrival at the vehicle, I saw that both occupants were trapped inside. Although the windshield was cracked, it was still intact. I was able to punch my way through a corner of it enough to loosen it. I was then able to remove it.”

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Tyszuk, who is originally from Poland, helped the male driver crawl out of the vehicle and then went to help the passenger, his wife, as she was lying on her side. He went into the vehicle and pulled her out, discovering that she was bleeding profusely from a gash in her leg.

“I immediately took off my t-shirt, ripped it up and created a tourniquet for her leg,” he said.

As Tyszuk continued to apply constant pressure to the wound, trying to stop the bleeding, more vehicles stopped and were able to call 911. He was trying to keep the crash victim awake and calm. The couple’s dog had escaped the vehicle during the accident, and she was very agitated and worried about the dog.

Unfortunately, Tyszuk had seen the dog get hit by a car during the accident, but he declined to share that with the couple.

A nurse on the way to work ended up stopping and, with a first aid kit, applied a bandage to the wound while Tyszuk continually applied pressure. He kept applying pressure until an ambulance arrived approximately 20 minutes later.

“There’s nothing more important in our lives than to help someone in need,” Tyszuk said. “I cannot imagine how I could go by and not help.”

Truck rolls off I-84 in Connecticut

truck after I-84 rolloverA truck reportedly rolled over on I-84 and down an embankment onto a surface street near Newtown, Connecticut, on Friday, Aug. 18. The driver was reportedly uninjured in the crash.Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & RescueA tractor-trailer traveling westbound on I-84 in Connecticut rolled over, off an overpass and onto a surface street in the area of Exit 11 in Newtown.

Connecticut State Police said it was advised of the rollover at approximately 8:19 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 18. The truck was reported to have traveled down an embankment after rolling over on the interstate.

Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue was also dispatched and reported that the driver of the truck was checked for injuries but was not transported for treatment.

Connecticut's Department of Energy and Environmental Protection also responded to the scene to help clean up a fuel leak, while the Connecticut Department of Transportation also responded to assist with traffic. 

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