Amazon Relay carrier spotlight: JoyRide Logistics

Amazon Relay carrier spotlight

Amazon Relay has a network of more than 50,000 carriers across the United States and Canada that helps Amazon deliver smiles to customers’ doors every day. As a self-service portal for carriers, Relay is able to partner with some amazing companies throughout the country, including Adis and Vildana Danan, co-founders of Phoenix-based JoyRide Logistics. 

Adis Danan came to the United States from Bosnia at the age of 18 with only $50 in his pocket. Without knowing English, Adis got a job as a dispatcher for a small trucking company. With the help of his wife, Vildana, and a team at work, Adis was able to learn English within a couple of months.

Working as a dispatcher motivated Adis to get his CDL, buy a truck and started JoyRide Logistics in 2014. As he traveled the country, he was able to learn even more about truck driving, which got him excited to grow his business even further. Within eight years, Adis and Vildana grew JoyRide’s fleet to more than 250 trucks and drivers with more than 50 staff members.

Being born and raised in Bosnia, Adis wanted to give back to his community at home stating, "Bosnia has a higher-than-average unemployment rate. I wanted to be able to support people from my home country, so I opened an office in Bosnia and spent eight months training a team of dispatchers." JoyRide now employs 40 dispatchers from their office in Bosnia. 

As a dispatcher and driver, Adis wanted to provide a supportive and dependable working space for his team.

"My main goal is to keep the promises I gave to my drivers on day one,” he said. “To always get them back home at the end of their shifts and to always ensure they are being paid." 

JoyRide has been using Amazon Relay since the portal was created in 2017. "Amazon just fit right in with JoyRide,” Adis added. “Short-Term Contracts and Auctions allow me to find dependable work for my drivers that I know will get them back home."

When asking Adis how JoyRide preps for peak season with Amazon, Adis quickly said, "I prep for peak season all year long. I want to make sure JoyRide grows every peak season. If that means there's a need in another location – JoyRide will be there." In the same breath, Adis mentions keeping his team happy by ensuring "they get the time off they need and deserve."

During Amazon's peak season, Adis is most excited about Auctions and the addition of the Load Board into the Relay mobile app (available on iOS and Android), saying that being able to now book and manage work through his app helps him be more organized and proactive throughout the week. 

Carriers interested in joining Amazon Relay can click “Get Started” on Amazon’s website. Carriers with an Amazon Prime account can click “Sign In” and use their Prime account username and password to start the application process. For those who do not have a Prime account, click “Create your Amazon account” to start a Relay application.