‘Personal and poetic meditation’ on American trucking

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TribbleThe creators are art photographers Frank Tribble and Tracey Mancenido, a husband-wife team who a couple years back, NPR reported last week in their “Picture Show” feature, took up the trucking life for a time to get a clearer understanding of the world. The result, a photographic exhibition at the Sasha Wolf Gallery in New York City perhaps appropriately dubbed “Hurry Up and Wait,” is a collection of portrait and abstract photography I suspect you may find, at the least, interesting, if not exactly well-representative of the realities of the road.

Click on the thumbnail image here for a 15-picture set of the images at Tribble and Mancenido’s main site.

What Tribble says they were after was “the integrity” of the driver’s life, by and large, as he told NPR. As Mancendio told the network, “Everyone has this idea of a big, overweight, burly man who’s really rough and raw and probably uneducated…. But that wasn’t the case, that’s not what we saw.” What did they see? People “who wanted to be truck drivers. They wanted the freedom.” Imagine that.

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