One trucker’s video of April flooding on I-29 in North Dakota

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File this one under “Old news” if you like (or under “Don’t try this at home” or “Not the greatest decision”), but to get the week started here I thought I’d share a vid from the April flooding of I-29 near the North Dakota/Minnesota border, as shared by the folks at the N.D. Grand Forks Herald newspaper’s website. Purportedly shot by a truck driver, en route along I-29 north of Manvel, N.D., headed northbound, the vid sees the driver apparently rather cheekily playing the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Can’t Stop” tune on his stereo as he and many other truckers traverse the waterlogged roadway, floodwaters near a foot in some spots.

Again, I’d advise if you’re navigating the many flooded areas around the country this year, don’t try this at home — or anywhere else, you’ll want to append. In any case, here’s that vid, and happy hauling this week.

[youtube C6-tyMqWn10 nolink]