A couple for the kids: Truck, stop! Truck, go!

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Updated Sep 27, 2011

On children’s musician, author and childhood development specialist Jim Gill‘s most recent CD / DVD, “Music Play for Folks of All Stripes,” an interactive tune called “Truck Stop” schools listeners in a fun The Trucker By Brenda And Mark Weatherbyway on the basics of the truck driver’s work. As with most of Gill’s tunes, adults are coached toward leading kids through imaginative play.

In this case, that means pretending to be trucks that go, that stop, drivers that drink coffee and eat salads and pancakes and, finally, sleep. It’s better described by the video below, where Gill and a jazz group do “Truck Stop” live with a group of parents and children.

You can order the new CD and DVD here.

It’s a fun listen. I haven’t tried it out with my daughter as yet, but the three-year-old’s really gotten into a couple of classic trucking-related children’s books we found at the library. Both are pretty great.

Truck By Donald Crews

“The Trucker,” by Brenda and Mark Weatherby, is a classic tale of somewhat recent vintage of a boy’s dream come reality on the day he’s out with his father in his Peterbilt for an action-packed (weather, breakdown, delivery) day of hauling.

“Truck” is a more abstract adventure told in, mostly, pictures, following a cabover through its run delivering boxed tricycles.

Click on either of the cover images for Amazon’s info/order pages for these two, most definitely recommended for anyone with children in the 2-6 range or so.

Now for the vid…

[youtube FZB8gmaHoVw nolink]

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