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The next generation of trucking fanatics


Zoe Overdrive2Jeff and Lynette Lynd of Ft. Collins, Colo., sent in this picture of their six-year-old great niece, Zoe, relaxing before going to bed with her princess blanket, fishing pillow and her favorite magazine, Overdrive (our 50th anniversary issue).

“She got really excited when we got the current issue,” Lynette says. “She had to read it while she was eating her cereal and said, ‘I love my trucking magazine.'”

We’ve got stiff competition in the Lynd home, too. “We have People magazine, nature magazines, and she picks up Overdrive every time,” Lynette says.

Jeff has trucked for two decades, today as company driver for Colorado-based JPS Trucking, before that as an owner-operator. When Zoe moves on with her family from the Lynd home, Lynette adds, “we’re thinking of getting her a subscription of her own.”

With fans like this, the next 50 years of Overdrive ought to be easy, eh?

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