Shout from a tank hauler in Jordan

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Fares Shishani tanker truck

Fares ShishaniDriver Fares Shishani is the man pictured here in the cab of the Mercedes Actros with which he pulls tank today in Jordan (likewise above). 

Shishani also happens to be a fan of Overdrive‘s Facebook page, through which he sent greetings to the American truck driver. He says he hauls a regular route from the Port of Aqaba on the Red Sea (Aqaba is Jordan’s only coastal city) to a distribution center about 400 kilometers away, then making the return trip. All in all, he says, it’s a three-day round, which might well say something about trucking there.

That 800-km round trip equates to just 500 or so miles, roughly equal to running down to Atlanta from Nashville and back — I know some haulers who make that run regularly in a single day.

In any case, how’s trucking where you are?

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