'I didn't know you were TikTok-famous': More trucking social media hits the road

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Updated Apr 16, 2021

Do you post at TikTok? The video-centric social media platform allows for livestream and sharing of videos, generally, and popularity with the younger set, as has happened in the past with other platforms, has driven its proliferation among a variety of demographics. The trucking community is most certainly included there. 

I was thinking about it this morning after coming across this CNN piece from the weekend featuring three female truckers among TikTok users -- owner-operator Clarissa Rankin, professional driver Tierra Allen, and Candace Rivers (currently working toward getting her CDL). 

So, today, a few examples of what these three influencers, to use the word the CNN piece applied to them, are up to – there's exuberance, no doubt, and plenty of good humor, particularly in this first vid. It narrates a common-enough, frustrating occurrence for any owner-op out there: the repeated scale house pull-in. There's a TikTok twist at the end, though, so hang tight. ...  

Here's a little workout vid from Tierra Allen, known as "Sassy Trucker" across her social media profiles. ...

... and Candace Rivers of Oxford, Alabama, on her way to becoming a CDL holder, runs "Fit's Possible Trucking," a fitness outfit whose TikTok presence is largely fitness-focused. Her second time backing with a trailer, documented: 

If you're on TikTok, get in touch with a comment on this post or connect on the platform itself – here's my profile address, though I've only recently joined. And before we're done for the day, here's one from sometime Overdrive Extra blog contributor Thomas Remington, the "Bearded Flatbed Guy" himself, with what looks to be an outstanding take on a cheesesteak, cooked in-cab -- check out the comments for some other ideas, too...: 

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