Trucking fails: Holiday edition

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Spin-outs and blocked lanes, violations for no chains. Tow trucks and lane closures that snowstorms can bring. These are a few of our least favorite things.Spin-outs and blocked lanes, violations for no chains. Tow trucks and lane closures that snowstorms can bring. These are a few of our least favorite things.Snoqualmie Pass

As snow falls and cold winds blow, winter weather tests professional truck drivers in ways that a 72-and-sunny day just never will. But sometimes, truckers fail.

Here on Channel 19, Overdrive has documented Roadcheck fails, but that's a spring/summer affair. This year, around the holidays, we're taking a look at some off-season blunders and slippery situations in the snow -- and mud, as you'll see. 

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Of course, many of these headaches might have been avoided with a simple pre-trip inspection, or even a basic working knowledge of chain-up procedure or, yeah, how to read a map. Yet, to modify an old saying, common sense is never as common as we all wish it was. 

Check that tire pressure, go over those winter maintenance tips, and enjoy knowing that however rough the road might be on your equipment, there's definitely someone rolling in worse. 

Below, some of the worst fails reported by commercial vehicle enforcement outfits around the country. And keep scrolling, we've saved the "best" for last. 

trucker fail snow tires stuck"On this unseasonably warm December day, someone’s new Harley Davidson may be a little delayed!" Iowa authorities wrote of this hauler's unfortunate bogging down. "Don't always trust GPS. We see incidents like these as well as trucks hitting bridges all the time due to trusting GPS over signage and road conditions!"Iowa State Patrol Commercial Motor Vehicle Unit

trailer overloaded fail"This is what happens when your trailer is over loaded and you cut across the gore point because you missed your off ramp."California Highway Patrol - Rancho Cucamonga

wheel end seal leakThe wheel seal leak created a lot of friction, but luckily it greased the brakes, so it nearly all evens out. Nearly, but not really.CHP - San Onofre Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facilitytruck sidewall tire fail inflationWith the holidays here, it's understandable if your belt line starts to look like this here bulge, but that's definitely not ok for a sidewall.CHP - Mountain Pass Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility

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trucker fail tire chain"This driver had chains that were too small and used a USB cord to 'remedy' the issue," wrote Washington State Patrol Trooper Rick Johnson. "Not acceptable. Ticketed for not carrying proper chains."Washington State Patrol

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