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Cummins introduces iPhone app with 3-D engine views

| April 08, 2012

The latest in the trucking-related smartphone apps world is a nifty program offering 3-D views of engine componentry and systems from the folks at Cummins. It’s geared toward connecting technicians with careers with the diesel engine manufacturer, but I imagine there are plenty of you who’d get a kick out of the the app’s features as well.

Featuring a strong educational component geared toward students of engine and related systems technology, reps say, the app’s “intelligent display also provides users the ability to navigate through the engine sub-systems manufactured by Cummins simply by touching the screen,” reps say. “It allows for zoom and rotate functionality that gives a close up look at Cummins’ most popular technologies.”

The “virtual engine” included in the app is “the first of its kind for a Smartphone app,” says Cummins Richard Whitney. “We wanted to make the science and technology inside a diesel engine accessible and understandable for both middle school students interested in engineering and the experienced automotive engineer looking for a new career.”

You can give it a further look and download it for the iPhone via An Android version is on the way.

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