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75 Chrome Shop 2

On our way down to Miami, we spent the night in Wildwood, across the street from the 75 Chrome Shop, where the Pride and Polish Show will be the end of this month. I decided to get a little preview, because if it’s anything like the GBATS show, you won’t have a square inch to stand or take a picture without forty-leven people you don’t know in it during the show.

75 Chrome Shop 5The 75 Chrome Shop is a feast for the eyes. There are so many shiny things, I nearly lost my mind. I seriously found it hard to focus on anything for more than a few seconds, because lo and behold, right next to the first shiny thing was another shiny thing, and so on and so on. I fully expected to see a chrome truck potty. (They may very well have one, but I never saw it because I was too busy having a geek fit over all the other shiny things. I really should work on my attention span, but…oh look, a shiny thing.)

I was at least able to tear myself away from the showroom and get a look at the game room, showers and laundry facility.

75 Chrome Shop 6In addition to the wonderful plethora of gee-gaws you can buy for the truck, they have really nice facilities for washing your body, as well as your clothes. The showers are $12 for a single and $15 for a double. Laundry is priced pretty standard for a truck stop, $2.75 a load to wash, and they have nice, clean machines. With humidity in central Florida at a median of 900 percent, it’s going to cost you more to dry your laundry, because everything is eternally damp. But again, they have nice dryers and keep everything really clean.

75 Chrome Shop 4We are looking forward to coming back in a couple weeks, so I can have a full-on epileptic fit over the show trucks that are actually sporting all the beautiful chrome. Meanwhile, we’re making our way down to Miami, and if the northbound traffic is any indication, we’ll be one of three people left there. Not sure what’s going on, but northbound 75 has been an eternal parking lot the past couple days and I’m not looking forward to having to join the party. Apparently, there’s some sort of mass exodus going on, and it includes every single person who is determined to either hit a Jersey wall or run into the rear of someone else while gawking at the people who have already hit a Jersey wall. I’ll make sure we have sammiches packed, so we don’t starve to death sitting at the 353. Y’all be safe out there and we hope to see you at Wildwood!

75 Chrome Shop 3

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