Take a 360-degree video tour through the 75 Chrome Shop

Updated Apr 17, 2015
Screenshot 2015-04-12 21.20.17

The following comes care of the recent visit to the 75 Chrome Shop that George and Wendy Parker of the George & Wendy Show made, chronicled in brief in this installment of Wendy’s blog here at Overdrive.

Shot with Landstar-leased owner-operator George Parker’s GoPro, the video’s a neat view on the location of the first-of-the-season Overdrive‘s Pride & Polish event, upcoming April 24-26.

For details on how to register your truck to show and more, visit the Pride & Polish website at this link.

Find more of George’s video and photo work via the George & Wendy Show Facebook page.

[youtube _4rzzUQZo4k nolink]