Unique Sterling’s pro paint and motor-home-type design

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A little here on how this Pro Custom Inc. visual rendering for a customer’s long-wheelbase NRC conversion of a Sterling Acterra tractor …

Lamprey Rendering

…became this at the finish stage:


Pro Custom is an RV paint, service and rehab specialist based (where else?) in Elkhart, Ind., who, since doing this job for Frank Lamprey of the Circle L Saddlery and Tack line, has put feelers out to the trucking community particularly for its custom paint services, says office manager Samara Dulik.

Lamprey, Dulk notes, uses the rig (somewhat similar in overall set-up to a KW done by NRC, as with this Sterling, and a Volvo freight hauler conversion by Showhauler I’ve written about in the past) “to haul trailer loads full of American made saddles and other equestrian supplies.” In addition, the unit occasionally hauls the touring operation of Lamprey’s son, Frankie Justin Lamprey, and his band, Roughstock.

Lamprey began work with Pro Custom at the Elkhart office on April Fool’s Day last year, says Dulik. “Throughout the course of conversations during his estimate our team did what it does best – and that’s to get to know the customer,” including the vision for the job. In this case, Lamprey wanted a Western style and theme incorporating black and copper colors within it.

Pro Custom sister company, Pro Fusion, worked the the design concept into the rendering at the top of the post for Lamprey’s review and approval. The visual aid “we find to be really useful in ensuring our clients know exactly what they are getting,” Dulik says.

Timeline on the project: “The design was finalized within the week” following April 1, Dulik says, noting depending on changes/adjustments such a process can take a good bit longer. The job was completed in total by the 23rd.

Not bad for a turn-around? A couple detail pics follow.

Detail of the rear of the tractor.Detail of the rear of the tractor.