Checking in with Ben Cadle and a recent fleet addition: The ‘Joy Ride 3’ 1982 Freightliner cabover

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Updated Apr 6, 2023

Nine-truck small fleet owner Ben Cadle, based in Augusta, Ga., bagged a second in the Antique class at the Great American Trucking Show with this somewhat recent addition to his fleet — a 1982 Freightliner cabover he found in Alabama. Its original owner — this is the story he was told, anyway — was a Canadian who broke down in the Southern state some years ago and didn’t have the wherewithal, the cash or the desire to fool with the old truck. Cadle bought it after a long search for a cabover to turn into his personal truck.

Parked up at the Southern Classic Truck Show last month in N.C.Parked up at the Southern Classic Truck Show last month in N.C.

He hauls about a load a week in it today, he says, after spending a year and a half or more working on it in his spare time. Find more views of it in the gallery below, likewise in the video up top, in which Cadle runs through some of the rig’s features. It’s powered by the original A model Caterpillar, Cadle notes, well-preserved.

Small fleet owner Ben Cadle of Augusta, Ga.Small fleet owner Ben Cadle of Augusta, Ga.

I caught up with Cadle, whom regular readers may well remember from prior coverage of a working Coronado he showed in the past as well as my 2015 feature on trends in detention pay and related issues, at the Southern Classic Truck Show in Lincolnton, N.C., last month.

Interestingly, the rig has had its five seconds of fame, as Cadle explains in the video, from which it garnered its name, Joy Ride 3 — also the name of a 2014 horror movie in which it appears, very briefly, Cadle says.