Son pays tribute to late father with 2016 Pete 389 glider

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Updated Feb 13, 2022

Lynn Wilson drives this 2016 Peterbilt 389 glider company truck for Shipper's Choice out of Reagan, Tennessee. He showed the truck at the Guilty by Association Truck Show in Joplin, Missouri, in September last year.

Lynn's father, Troy, drove for Shipper's Choice for 35 years until he passed away in April 2021. He was assigned the truck when it was new, and after he passed, Lynn took it over. 

Gone but not forgotten sign for Troy WilsonLynn Wilson placed this sign in front of his truck at GBATS to commemorate his late father, Troy. Troy's CB handle was "Butterfingers," and to carry on that legacy, Lynn took on the handle of "Baby Ruth."

"From a kid to now, I've always been in trucking, been around trucking – I grew up in the passenger seat of a truck," Lynn said. His father "showed me everything, from how to do a log book to how to truck to anything you could think about to do with trucking. That was my first phone call every day. I'd get up and start my day and call dad. It didn't matter what it was about, whatever, we'd just talk and have a good time. Losing him, it's hit home bad, but as far as I've gotten into these truck shows ... it really helps."

Lynn Wilson's 2016 Peterbilt 389Since Troy Wilson passed away on the road in April 2021, Lynn Wilson has piloted the rig mostly hauling steel, scrap cars and more. He runs all over the country, and enjoys taking the rig to truck shows to show his pride in being able to carry on his father's legacy.

The 2016 may be a company truck, but Troy and Lynn both have added a number of their own custom touches, including some extra running lights and bumper lights. Troy added the guide sticks to the front of the truck as a throwback to his younger years in trucking when they were more common to see, Lynn says. 

The truck sports a 60 Series Detroit with a 13-speed and 3:55 rears. 

Lynn and Troy WilsonLynn Wilson (left), pictured with his father, Troy, some time before he passed last year.