Owner-operator Randy Victory’s ‘Wild Child’ 379 lives up to its name

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Updated Aug 28, 2022

Jonesboro, Arkansas-based Randy Victory shows off his wild side with this “Wild Child” 1999 Peterbilt 379, a stark contrast to his classy 1986 Peterbilt 359 previously featured here on Overdrive. Victory showed "Wild Child" at the Shell Rotella SuperRigs working truck show earlier this summer alongside that "Nut Buster" 359.

The 379 features old-school flames on the hood, down the side of the truck and on the rear fenders, along with a custom grille and numerous other custom touches that play into the truck's persona.

Randy Victory's 1999 Peterbilt 379The paint scheme is one of the first things you notice on the rig -- bright flames stand out sharply against the black base. Victory said he won the paint job at a truck show and the flames started out as a joke, but he convinced the painter to airbrush the flames, as long as Victory handled all the sanding.

Grille of Randy Victory's 1999 Peterbilt 379The custom grille is another feature on the truck that really makes it stand out.

Victory bought the truck 16 years ago and since that time has changed something in just about every area on it. The paint was done originally two years after he bought it.

"I liked the old-school flames, so that's where I come up with it," he said.

Flattop sleeper on Randy Victory's 1999 Peterbilt 379One of the first things Victory changed on the truck after he bought it was swapping out the original stand-up sleeper for a flattop.

Interior of Randy Victory's 1999 Peterbilt 379The interior is also fully customized with painted floors and dash, custom doors and more.

Engine of Randy Victory's 1999 Peterbilt 379The rig sports a 600-hp Detroit that's also painted to match the exterior, coupled with an 18-speed. The truck is used in Victory's Randy Victory Trucking operation hauling grain.

Randy Victory's 1999 Peterbilt 379 at nightFinally, the truck is impossible to miss at night with a bevy of lights on, under and throughout the truck.

Video transcript:

Randy Victory:

I got a '99 Pete 379.

It was a stand-up. I put the flat-top version on top of it.

Oh yeah. I've done the inside, all the interior and everything.

Redone the motor and all that stuff on it, so. It's got a 600 Detroit with an 18-speed.

I got a custom grille; the paint job I won at another truck show. Really it was a joke then ended up I talked the guy into doing the airbrush. He said as long as I done all of the sanding and this and that, he'd do the airbrushing, so… I like the old-style flames so that's where I come up with it.