Small fleet’s hopper-pulling 2019 Peterbilt 389

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Brian Cobb, a driver for 22-truck Envision Logistics out of Owensboro, Kentucky, showed this impressive 2019 Peterbilt 389 at the 2023 Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky, where the truck earned a third-place nod in the First Show -- Combo class.

Envision is the second owner of the truck, and it was the first truck Cobb drove for Envision when he started two years ago. He drove another truck for a while after that, and just before MATS when the company decided to show the truck, Cobb moved back into it and is now its full-time driver. He typically hauls rice or corn on a run from Stuttgart, Arkansas, to Emporia, Kansas, to a dog food plant.

Brian Cobb's 2019 Peterbilt 389The truck was originally Legendary Gray, but Cobb and the team at Envision decided to add Legendary Black around the bottom of the cab with three-tone purple stripes outlined in gold. The truck is used for bulk hauls, primarily with the attached 2021 Wilson hopper.

As Cobb explains in the video up top, the truck is equipped with a Paccar MX-13. With just 400,000 miles on the rig and some warranty left, the Envision team is going to wait until the warranty runs out, then swap in a 6NZ Cat.

Pinstriping on Brian Cobb's 2019 Peterbilt 389The pinstriping on the truck was done by hand by a painter local to Envision's Owensboro area, Darin Bean.

The truck's interior's got a makeover as well, with black and purple epoxy doors and floors, plenty chrome on the dash, and more.

Interior of Brian Cobb's 2019 Peterbilt 389In addition to the floors and other customizations, Cobb and the Envision team changed out the seats and added diamond-stitched seats with purple stitching to keep with the rig's theme.

Brian Cobb's 2019 Peterbilt 389 at nightWhile the truck is impressive any time of day, it really shines at night with the hundreds of purple Trux Dual Revolution lights on both the tractor and its 2021 Wilson hopper.

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Brian Cobb: My name's Brian Cobb. We're out of Owensboro, Kentucky. Name of the business is Envision Logistics. The 2019 389 Peterbilt with the 2021 Wilson Hopper. Truck is Legendary Gray, Legendary Black on the bottom with the three-stripe purple to it. We do different bulk hauls with it, mostly running the hopper. It started out as Legendary Gray on the truck, and we changed the paint code to it.

I started out wanting to do a purple [Trux] Dual Revolution lights to it, and I told my paint guy just to run wild with it, see what he could come up with. We ended up going this route. It matched with my interior, the black did on the background, did a epoxy floor to it, so the black and the purple matched all up real good.

It's got the Paccar MX-13 in it. We're actually getting ready to convert it over. We have a 6NZ we're going to put in it later this year. We're waiting until the warranty and stuff kind of goes down on it.

Truck has 400,000 on it right now. Pretty low mileage. That's been one of the tickers on the warranty on the motor right now still. Once we get the mileage up and get the warranty off of it, we're going to change it.

The interior, the front cab we changed out, had diamond stitch seats put in it. Purple stitching, epoxy door panels, epoxy floor in it, chrome on the dash, a different shifter in it. Other than the truck itself, all the lights on it are Dual Revs. The trailer set up with Dual Revs on it to match the truck.

I'm a big freedom person. I mean, America and stuff like that. I've seen different grills and stuff, and the star was one of them that I really liked. I backlit it with the purple lights behind it, so it's got that nightfall look to it, and that's the stars in the sky. That's what I was looking for.