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Driver reunited with lost pup

| June 07, 2012

Have you heard the one about the truck driver whose Yorkie pup slips out of the truck while he’s cooling his heels briefly at a Missouri rest area? Well, all’s well that ends well, and that one does, USA Today reported yesterday.

The driver, Michael Siau, “didn’t realize that Rambo [the Yorkie] had slipped out of his long-haul truck while he was stretching his legs at a rest stop in Hannibal, Mo.,” wrote Douglas Stanglin. He made the near 200-mile haul from Hannibal to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, before he realized Rambo had left the doghouse and wasn’t snoozing in the sleeper.

Fortunately, however, his grief was abated by a perhaps uncommon canine loyalty when, days later, Rambo was finally located right where he’d gotten out, waiting for Siau to return.

Check out the rest of Stanglin’s piece here.

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