Switchboard ELD operable for One20 F-ELD hardware owners

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Updated Jun 6, 2018

The Switchboard company offers one of the few electronic logging devices available in a BYOD configuration and operable for hours recording with no monthly fee associated. BYOD stands for “bring your own device,” typically used in the ELD context in reference to a smartphone application pairing with a plug-in piece of hardware that fits to the ECM’s diagnostic port.

Screenshot from within Switchboard’s ELD application, shown on an Android tablet.Screenshot from within Switchboard’s ELD application, shown on an Android tablet.

Switchboard founder Michael Ip notes that One20’s F-ELD hardware is compatible with Switchboard’s Android ELD app. After One20 announced plans to suspend service to F-ELD customers as of later this month, Ip said F-ELD owners with an Android smartphone or tablet could simply download the free Switchboard ELD app, pair it with the One20 hardware, and go on down the road with no fees associated whatsoever. Switchboard’s own hardware comes at a $250 one-time price tag, not applicable for owners of the One20 F-ELD hardware.

“If they have the ONE20 device plugged in,” Ip says, “the newest version of our application will automatically configure to the ONE20 device — no changes needed on the user end.

“Basically, Switchboard will work as if they have a Switchboard device installed. The connection seamlessly allows the ELD logs and info to be generated on the Switchboard software.”

In recent weeks, a variety of ELD providers have offered trade-in credits, deals on service and other support for F-ELD users after the device’s discontinuation.