SiriusXM Onyx Plus fills your cab with music, sports, talk

Updated Jul 6, 2017

If you’re a trucker of a certain age, you remember that as you drove across the country, AM radio stations faded in and out often leaving you with a few miles of static. You pushed a handful of buttons on the radio or used the knob to improve your search, but often you drove on in silence.

SiriusXM Onyx Plus

Then came FM and eight tracks and cassette players and CDs and MP3s, and those miles of static got filled in.

The latest advance in onboard entertainment for your truck is Sirius XM Onyx Plus, the satellite radio dock and play device. It installs wherever you want to use it and lets you access the hundreds of listening options SiriusXM satellite radio has to offer, from Howard Stern to Radio Disney, from Seriously Sinatra to the Garth Channel, from Mad Dog Sports to, of course, Road Dog Radio for truckers.

With Sirius XM Onyx Plus you can:

  • hear SiriusXM through your existing vehicle radio with do-it-yourself installation
  • choose the display color that matches your dash lights, and personalize with the trim rings
  • browse other channels while listening to the current one
  • view artist name, song title, and channel information on the color display
  • store your favorite channels for one touch access
  • easily lock and unlock channels with mature content
  • use One-Touch Jump to hear traffic and weather for the city of your choice from a list of 22 of the most congested cities, or to the previous channel to which you were listening
  • listen in multiple vehicles, at home, or outdoors,all with just one subscription

SirisusXM Onyx Plus is available in most travel centers.