New inverter delivers pure sine wave power

Updated Feb 1, 2019

Power inverters are the latest “must have” accessory for professional truckers. Few devices can make life on the road safer and more livable.   

They convert your truck’s battery power (DC) into the kind of household current (AC) you can use to operate many of the creature comforts you have in your truck. And, let’s face it, the more you drive the more you need those comforts.

PowerDrive delivers a variety of inverters, from large and powerful to ones modest enough to fit in your cab’s cup holder.

New from PowerDrive is a 1,000-watt Bluetooth-enabled model that delivers pure sine wave power. This is pure, consistent, clean power that is especially important for some of your more sensitive devices: laptops, tablets, oxygen concentrators, gaming consoles, TVs, smartphones, CPAP units.

The juice delivered by the PDIPS 1000B is like that you’re used to in your home. This means your microwave cooks faster and more accurately, your gear runs cooler and that makes those devices last longer.

This inverter features:

  • Digital LED output wattage indicator
  • 3-foot cable
  • Four AC power sockets
  • USB 2.4 amp plug
  • USB-C 3.0 amp plug
  • Voice alarm

Available online and at travel centers.

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