Traction tool debuts at MATS

Chaining up is one of the least enjoyable things a trucker has to do while on the road. It usually has to be done in lousy conditions — cold, snow, ice, mud — so it makes sense to get it done as quickly and easily as possible.

51 Club LLC of Spokane, Washington has developed a product that can help. Called the Major Gator Traction Tool, the device provides drivers with what the company calls “a smooth, non-load disrupting axle elevation” to allow chains to be installed more easily.

The Major Gator is placed under the inside tire on both sides of the cab allowing for the outside tires to be elevated above the road surface. The device is made of quarter-inch plated steel and has four rows of serrated teeth for tires to grip. It’s 15 inches x five inches and is two and a half inches high.

The Major Gator Traction Tool makes its debut at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville March 28-30.

A pair sells for $425 on the company’s website.

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