Rotary’s battery-powered lifts

Rotary Lift HDC Heavy-Duty Four-Post Lift

Rotary Lift’s rechargeable battery-powered HDC heavy-duty four-post vehicle lifts are available with capacities of 50,000 pounds (P/N HDC50) and 60,000 pounds (P/N HDC60) for servicing a variety of heavy-duty vehicles. Each post has its own wedge-style anchors and a hydraulic cylinder with inverted chrome piston rods, as well as a control system with an intuitive graphic layout of the four lifts and real-time height reading with memory storage.

Two runway lengths, built to handle maximum wheelbases of 28 feet or 33 feet, are available for both the HDC50 and HDC60, both of which also have a 78-inch maximum rise to the top of the runways. Optional accessories include 25,000-pound-capacity rolling bridge jacks that lift the vehicle off its wheels for tire, brake and suspension work; high-efficiency LED lighting; and a shim kit for uneven floors.

Rotary Lift,