PPG’s basecoat hardener

PPG Delfleet Evolution F3259 HS Basecoat HardenerPPG’s Delfleet Evolution F3259 HS Basecoat Hardener is designed to enhance the overall application and appearance of the Delfleet Evolution FBCH basecoat, a fast-drying basecoat that, when clearcoated, is formulated for added durability and to provide a professional look.

By mixing F3259 in a 3:1:1 ratio with the basecoat and appropriate F344X dry additive, overall application performance and finish appearance can be improved, particularly when applying transparent colors.

F3259 is designed to improve flow and leveling as well as overspray absorption and to deliver faster out-of-dust times, tape times and cure. Its quick drying capabilities also help improve overall cycle times and productivity.

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