New sizes for Yokohama drive tire

Yokohama TY527 Premium Drive TireYokohama’s TY527 premium drive tire – available in 14-ply 285/75R24.5 size and 16-ply 295/75R22.5, 11R22.5 and 11R24.5 sizes – is suited for regional, high-scrub and long-haul applications for two- and three-axle tractors. The tire’s deep 32/32nd-inch tread depth and construction are designed for long life and added performance. A directional tread pattern helps reduce block movement and resist heel and toe wear under high torque conditions, while the tire’s stress wear control grooves help alleviate contact pressure on the edge of the outside tread blocks, allowing the shoulder edge to flex easier to help prevent irregular wear.

An enhanced temperature controlling cap compound helps facilitate stronger, more pliable rubber to help minimize heat generation and allow deep tread depths to faciliate added stability, reduced tread squirm and higher abrasion resistance. The company’s proprietary STEM-2 (StrainEnergy Minimization) technology is designed to extend casing life by directing stress forces away from the bead and shoulder areas, minimizing casing flex. Also, stone damage prevention grooves are designed to thwart rocks and debris from reaching the groove’s bottom, helping to impede premature casing damage.

Yokohama Tire Corp.,

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