Momentum’s roof-mount CNG system

Deatils about the new Momentun Fuel Technologies will be announced at ACT Expo 2015 in May.

Momentum’s roof-mount configuration for its compressed natural gas fuel system is designed for Class 6-8 refuse trucks. The lightweight system is available in both four-tank 70 diesel-gallon-equivalent and five-tank 87 DGE configurations. It is fabricated with high-strength steel and lightweight aluminum and made of nanoparticle-enhanced matrix resin technology. The system’s fuel management module houses the electronics, fuel filter and fuel-fill receptacles and is located where the driver fuels the truck. Constructed with a powder-coated exterior finish and Huck-bolted access cover, the FMM incorporates O-ring fittings, gauges, fill ports and valves with a filter access through the bottom. Fuel use is improved due to a fuel pressure regulator with a high-capacity filter designed to enable the vehicle to operate from 3,600 pounds per square inch when full to a minimum 230 psi.

Momentum Fuel Technologies,