Petro-Canada’s manual transmission fluid

Petro-Canada’s Traxon Synthetic MTF 75W-80 manual transmission fluid is formulated to deliver all-weather protection and is recommended for extended drain service of up to 250,000 miles in heavy-duty Class 6-8 trucks. The fluid is formulated to help limit drag losses, reduce fuel consumption and deliver added oxidation stability to resist deposits and sludge formation. It is approved by Volvo and Mack for use in their respective I-Shift and mDrive synchronized automated manual transmission applications. It also is intended for manual gearboxes of the G7/8, S, SR, SPO, AT and VT series from Volvo GTT and is suitable for use in many ZF transmission models, including models fitted with ZF-Intarders such as ASTronic, TCTronic, Ecolite, Ecomid and Ecospilt.

Petro-Canada Lubricants,

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