LeRoy McRoberts

Last of the Cowboys II

2460 F652 Db7 D 45 C5 90 C3 314 Af48 D07 A4

Submitted by LeRoy McRoberts

1996 FLD. 475 cat. Built by i-29 Custom Truck Parts our of Sergeant Bluff Iowa… first thing that was done was overhaul the motor.. next was to strip it down and repaint frame, axle housings and everything else that could be seen.. next was repairing the side fairings and topping them with stainless steps.. interior was all oxblood original interior… exhaust was up the back and we thought it needed to be up the side so we change it. Last but not least was our signature bad boy blind mount half fenders… what you see is not a sought after truck in its time, but more sought after today.. 😎