IdleAire may be restarted

IdleAire announced a new group is working to restart the truck shore power provider, but that is all it is saying.

The Tennessee-based company made a brief announcement on its website. A company official did not respond to requests for more information.

IdleAire, the major provider of shore power for truckers at truck stops, closed Jan. 29 after its investment owners of the previous 18 months did not find a buyer. They had acquired the company after it declared in May 2008 Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, which converted to Chapter 7 a year later and remains open.

In January, IdleAire was owned by six investment management companies working together as IdleAire Acquisition Co. LLC with the intent to sell it. They released a statement that said decreased demand for services from the recession and mild winter were among the challenges they had faced in operating the business.

The operation had served 150,000 truckers and more than 1,000 fleets using its 131 locations in 34 states.

IdleAire’s closing leaves few truck stop electrification options. Shorepower, formerly Shurepower, offers services in seven locations in Washington, Oregon and North Carolina, with an eighth location expected soon.