Crossing over with FFTR

Fit2010You may have noticed that with the new year a familiar feature was reborn in the pages of Truckers News: Fit for the Road.

The Fit for the Road program was started in 2007, when we followed three truckers on their journey to weight loss and better health. In 2008, you read about Health Heroes, truckers who had accomplished amazing health goals. During 2009, Truckers News focused more on the news aspects of health, providing special reports on issues like sleep apnea and health problems that can cause you to lose your CDL. Now in 2010, in addition to the launch of our new Fit for the Road site, Truckers News looks to build on the great health coverage we’ve provided in the past in our print edition.

This year, you will find a section in the magazine dedicated exclusively to a health topic each month. Many of these topics, such as diabetes and blood pressure, are directly related not just to your health but to the health of your career. We will provide monthly in-depth coverage of the topic that will be further broadened on the website.

We also welcome your health questions and suggestions for more topics you’d like to see us cover. If you would like to share these, you can e-mail [email protected].