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Power Step

The Power Step was developed to assist the driver into the cab or the trailer. Shoulder, lower back, knee and foot pain will be eliminated, the company says. By using the Power Step, drivers can increase safety and reduce injury incidence from falling. The new model features a wireless remote control with lights on the front panel. Three standard sizes are available or can be custom-made to fit the trucker’s needs.

Over the Road Power Step

(260) 592-7741

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Engel’s new line of front-open refrigerator-freezers are available in 42-quart and 60-quart capacities. The models feature the Sawafuji F-Series “swing compressor” motor. All models feature a thermostat for precise temperature control in a wide variety of conditions. A quiet, built-in turbo-cooling fan runs at 32dB and won’t interfere with sleep, the company says. The product also features wood-grain doors that are reversible to accommodate left- or right-handed access.


(888) 272-9838

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Truck protection system

The GiraffeG4 Truck Protection System allows truck drivers to measure the height of overhead obstacles from inside their cab. Using sound wave technology, the GiraffeG4 can measure the height of most overhead obstacles, giving the driver the opportunity to avoid damage to the truck and freight. The GiraffeG4 can be installed and programmed quickly and will provide years of dedicated service, the company says.

Giraffe G4 Systems

(877) 543-1087

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Bridgestone Bandag Tire Solutions’ long-wearing Bridgestone-brand R287A steer tire delivers superior tread wear and mileage for low cost per mile in regional and long-haul applications, the company says. The new radial was approved for use on Environmental Protection Agency SmartWay-certified equipment and is California Air Resources Board compliant.

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Bridgestone Bandag Tire Solutions

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Air cleaner filter

Donaldson PowerCore Air Cleaner filters are manufactured using patented Ultra-Web technology, which produces a filter that provides maximum efficiency, 99.98 percent. The filter’s contaminant holding capacity is greater than that of traditional cellulose filters, the company says. The air cleaner is designed to require less space under the engine cowling or hood and is configured in a variety of sizes and options for mounting.


(866) 484-8350

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Reusable pre-filter has a re-usable pre-filter designed to fit over externally mounted air cleaners. The pre-filters repel rain and snow in addition to filtering road debris down to .005-in. These pre-filters save money by extending filter-service intervals, the company says, as test results show no significant loss of airflow, and horsepower levels are maintained longer due to a cleaner, drier air filter. Pre-filters are designed to be used multiple times and are easily cleaned with soap and water.

(877) 454-6565

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Equipment grease

Amsoil Synthetic Polymeric Truck, Chassis and Equipment Grease is formulated to deliver wear protection and extreme-pressure performance in medium- and heavy-duty applications. Its impact resistance and adhesion and cohesion properties keep the grease in place, sealing out water and contaminants, the company says. It also offers rust and corrosion protection from road salt and other deicing chemicals encountered regularly.


(800) 777-8491

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iPhone Apps

PCS Software’s iLoadFinder app reads the iPhone’s GPS location and retrieves available loads within a certain radius of the phone. Drivers can specify the radius to search, the distance they want the load to travel, and they can also search by origin and destination city, state and shipper. Once a load is found the driver can touch the screen to either call or e-mail the shipper.

PCS also has the iBOL (Bill of Landing) iPhone app, which can collect consignee signatures on the iPhone. The driver types in the delivery location, pieces and weight, and iBOL will generate a date- and time-stamped signature collection screen. The consignee uses an iPhone stylus to sign, then iBOL sends a signed receipt image file to the driver’s office e-mail address where it can be printed or included with any electronic billing the company may be doing.

PCS Software

(281) 419-9500

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Wheel cover

RealWheels Corporation’s Aero-Clear wheel cover is made of a clear lexan material that is also used for producing clear snowplows, so it has been proven to be extremely durable and scratch resistant, the company says. The cover helps save money on fuel by solving aerodynamic problems, while allowing users to get creative with the various image or logo possibilities on the cover.

RealWheels Corporation

(847) 662-7722

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