Company Sees CSA as Drivers’ Problem

I found your piece on the controversial CSA 2010 and HOS interesting and disheartening at the same time.

I have been a professional driver for almost nine years. I work for a company in northern Indiana. I have been there for a little over a year, and I can tell you from experience they could care less about either of the aforementioned items.

Our safety guy, in all fairness to him, really has his hands tied, with the “powers that be” above him saying get the load there no matter what. He even went as far as to bring in our insurance guy, to go in depth on CSA 2010 and the seriousness of it if not followed by drivers and companies alike.

Our general and office managers were there and neither one were paying attention — the one was goofing off with one of the dispatchers and the other about to fall asleep. These are the people in charge of running this company. They look at these new rules as the “drivers’ problem.” We are not a large company, and I can tell you we are not circling the wagons to protect it either.

I guess I should get to the disheartened side of this letter. I want to change companies. I really after a year do not see a future, for me or my family. Plus with the CSA kicking in full steam, and with the way my present company runs, I want to get as far away from here as possible. I have a good name, great reputation and excellent driving record. In all honesty, I have, even in this economy, considered becoming an owner-operator. Not real sure where to begin with that.

Dave Wilcox

South Bend, Ind.

Key to HOS is not drivers

Having read the recent Truckers News November 2010 issue, in the Feedback section a driver states that “drivers hold the key to HOS compliance.” That sounds all well and good, but I for one have worked for supposedly safety-minded companies and have tried to stay legal, and you know what happened. I was sitting more often, given very short loads and then quietly fired for being a “problem driver.”

The ones who can really put an end to HOS abuse are the trucking companies and the shippers and receivers, and the secret is flexibility on pickup and delivery times. Until this happens, it’s all wishful thinking on the drivers’ parts; let you screw up and have an accident or get put out of service, and you are left holding the bag. Your company will say anything to cover their rear ends, so the buck stops with you as long as drivers are stupid enough to continue driving over hours, falsifying log books.

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I for one won’t do it, and I have paid the price. I’ve got a clean MVR and will not willingly do anything to destroy it. No company will keep you on the payroll just because you got that hot load delivered but screwed up to do it.

Jonathan Moe

Lenoir City, Tenn.

What’s your outlook for the trucking industry in 2011?


I see more government controlling us. I see less miles, less home time. I see more Mexican trucks coming across and EOBRs. I see drivers pulled off the road because they don’t have money for sleep tests or meds. I see me after 27 years coming off the road because of all the government BS.

— Timothy D.

A drop in my income, and less time at home trying to make up for it.

— Bill R.

Probably not much better than 2010, with all the new rules. More rules and regulations ain’t gonna do a bit for safety when four-wheelers continue to drive like morons! Truckers may be a little slower, but creating rolling roadblocks is not gonna do a damn thing but piss off people driving cars and trying to get around the trucks at any cost!

— Robin D.

I know we need to reform, but the government always tweaks too much! It is going to be one big headache for all drivers! We will see no good at all.

— Robert K.

I hope it’s prosperity and slight to moderate growth. A drop in fuel prices would be good. But mostly, I think with CSA coming online, it’s gonna be a big driver shortage and companies going under.

— Mike R.

We’re ****ed. The good ol’ days are a distant memory.

— Josh L.

A pay cut due to the change in hours of service! Suggestion: If it ain’t broke, please don’t fix it!

— Alan S.

Trucking has gone to the dogs. We would be better off working for $10 an hour at home than to stay out here, which is exactly what I intend on doing.

— Brian F.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

“It’s a toss-up between people that cut you off and people that won’t let you over. I don’t know which is worse.”

— Jonathon Contois, Raeford, N.C., company driver for Werner

“People who pull out in front of you.”

— Wes Thompson, Owosso, Mich.,

company driver for Werner

“Drivers who pass you, then pull in front of you and slow down. Can’t stand it.”

— Don Parker, Lauderdale, Miss., owner-operator leased to Landstar

“People not yielding when you have your turn signal on and need to change lanes.”

— Joseph Lattimore, Jackson, Miss., company driver for Haywood Trucking


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