Truckers News Celebrity Series 2011-2012

Robb Mariani of ‘American Trucker’

When it comes to fans of trucking, Robb Mariani is the real deal

Fresh off filming an episode of “American Trucker” at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas this past August, we quizzed the Speed Channel show’s host and executive producer, Robb Mariani, on progress through season two.

It’s been solid, he said, building on the successful connection the show made with viewers in season one. Highlights have included on-the-ground coverage of truckers’ efforts to deliver relief supplies to tornado-ravaged Joplin, Mo., and Mariani’s personal favorite episode. “For me,” he said, “it’s the ‘Independent’ episode, where we profiled BPW Trucking with owner and friend Brad Wike, seeing what small trucking companies go through in these challenging times with the down economy and stifling regulations.”

Another highlight of the season: “I got chased around by the Duel Peterbilt!” he said.

While self-described “truck nut” Mariani has never worked as a driver, his history is steeped in a love for all things trucking that is absolutely palpable to anyone who’s ever been around him. Find ­Truckers News’ brief, most-recent interview with him below, but interview him yourself in the live chat this month.

Truck fanatic

Q: How has the second season differed from the first?

A: Our show covers a broad spectrum about the industry — in a documentary style. This season we have tried to go into some of the vital hauling, such as soft commodities like vegetables. We even take an inside look at livestock haulers.

Q: How long on average does it take to make one episode?

A: Good question! The shortest timeframe for one 30-minute episode is about three days. We shoot 15-20 hours for one episode. The longest has been a week. We chase the reality and have to follow the action wherever it happens.

Q: Are you drawing a lot more attention in season two from fans?

A: I think the show really resonated with fans in season one. I think I can safely say that it has picked up in season two. I literally can’t keep up with email from fans, God love them. My favorite thing from fans has to be finding out how many young kids are into “American Trucker.” Considering that I was crazy about big rigs when I was a little kid myself, and I can help get a new generation into big rigs, I can die a happy man. Also, there are tons of women into the show — that is really cool.

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Q: What’s the most interesting thing a fan has asked you to sign?

A: That would have to be their personal vehicles. I have signed the hood of a pickup truck and some doors, too.








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