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AngelHarveyI strive to look lovely every day. I believe any woman no matter shape, size or level of beauty can be beautiful.  I share beauty tips with other drivers who ask about my makeup and hair products. You can still be girly and feminine and handle the big rig like a man. I always get compliments from other men a sometimes flirtations even with my husband standing there. It is a great self confidence booster. When you wake up and don’t feel your best, take a shower, put on some lotion, nice undergarments,  do your hair and makeup. Believe me you will feel so much better. It does not cost a lot to look and feel beautiful. Everything in my trucking career has been tenfold more successful because of looking my best. I get better service at shippers and sometimes the dock workers come out and offer to open the trailer doors or even back in my trailer! My husband teases me stating ” I see you got another boyfriend”. LoL
I  and my hub are owner operators with Swift  which has been a very rewarding career and we have been recognized nationwide for our success. As I travel to different terminals I like to leave other women drivers small items from free makeup kits, shampoos, perfumes, etc. It makes me feel good to know that I can share niceties with others.Women need to have good things for themselves to feel a little extra special. Being on the road is not always glamorous,  but the small things go far and have a special meaning.  I hope one day to have my own beauty line dedicated to Divas on the road.  Would be nice to walk in a truck stop and grab a bottle of nail polish or a tube of lipstick don’t you think? I love being a truck driver and looking my best. I don’t go too dressy mostly jeans and a cute top but you can always embellish and shine with confidence. I am a trucker diva!