What’s your best advice for saving fuel?

MiguelDriver training is the single most important variable that can be tweaked to achieve the biggest positive difference in cutting fuel costs.

Driver training, as it affects fuel costs, can be divided into two main categories: truck inspection and driving habits.
A truck driver must be trained on the proper method of conducting a satisfactory truck inspection. There’s a wide assortment of critical elements that will directly cause fuel economy to suffer if not functioning properly. Under-inflated tires, dirty filters, lack of lubrication, faulty fuel injectors and leaky hoses will negatively affect fuel economy.
A truck driver who has developed good driving habits will constantly monitor road condition, traffic, weather and terrain in order to time his shifting, maintain momentum and a reasonable driving speed. Excessive speed, poor shifting, unnecessary braking and idling will result in excessive fuel consumption.

Miguel Cazares
Owner-operator, Cazco Speedwagon