Suicide shortcuts

To Outfit Triple One With Suicide Doors Beaudoin And Co Had To Move The Daycab’s Air Cleaners Forward A Little

Q: I’d like to try my hand changing over my ’89 Peterbilt’s stock doors to suicides. I’m on a very limited budget, so what’s the best route? — Francisco Estrada, Dallas, Texas

A: Francisco, suicide doors really are not something you can get away with using any shortcuts. This is a project where there are a lot of changes that need to occur. Having to re-engineer the latch setup is a pretty difficult task. What we found to be the easiest way was to eliminate the latches and use shaved door panels and Autoloc door poppers. We make a door skin kit that includes everything to do shaved doors. If you want to give your truck a unique look without dropping a ton of money, this is probably the best option for you. – Alex Gobel, Outlaw Customs