iLuvMyTrucker: Joe Toney

JoeToneyI am so thankful for my trucker husband, Joe Toney, because he gives his all …… to his work, to being a responsible driver, to showing his lived ones he loves us tremendously. He drives for Melton Trucklines as a flatbed driver. He sends me sunrise pictures each morning, as a way of saying good morning. He sends me pictures of flowers from all over the nation, and he shows he loves us (me and our dog Death Row who rides with him) that he loves us more than eve. He shows his love for us in so many ways. He just got back on the road after having a deer jump out in front of him when he was riding his Harley. It took 3 months to heal his broken leg, but as soon as he could, he was back on the road, loving every minute of it, and loving me too.

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