Elaine Melcher

Updated Dec 16, 2016
Elaine Melcher

Elaine Melcher

Elaine Melcher

Hometown: Bellingham, Washington

Occupation: company driver for Sanitary Service Company

How long trucking: three months

Hauls: recyclables

“I’ve always liked diesel trucks and was considering training to become a diesel technician. But, once I got behind the wheel, I realized I felt at peace and a sense of freedom on the road. While I don’t have much experience and am just getting started, I feel very confident. From the second I got into the truck, I felt like I had the knack for it.”

As the only female recycle driver in Whatcom County, Melcher spends her days backing up, starting and stopping hundreds of times a day. She’s a fast learner and loves the life already. While she loves how her appearance and youth turns heads, she’s serious about pursing trucking as a profession.


Her nomination:

Elaine Melcher is 20 years old and at age 18 moved from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Bellingham, Washington, leaving home with her dog and $1,000 seeking new experiences and adventure in life. Elaine has a free and wild spirit, and loves to help others.

With her love of diesel trucks, the outdoors, and working hard, Elaine decided to earn a class A CDL in hopes to posses a driving career.

Elaine now currently works at Sanitary Service Company in Bellingham Washington, as a recycle driver. Elaine is the only female recycle driver in Whatcom County.