Debieve Burge

I’m much more than a trucker although I’ve been driving for 35 yrs..I’ve accomplished many dreams..I am a published Author of a poetry book which I illustrated and became a poet laureate all while I was driving truck..I am an artist and am working on my children’s book..I will be 60 yrs old in April..I have much to accomplish and and know that it’s much more than driving that drives me..I believe I am an asset to this industry..There are many more women driving now than when I first started and it’s great to see. There is much more to trucking than just getting in and going..taking care of yourself can be done even on the road, u cook my own food and I stay healthy. .I hope that more women will pursue this line of work in the future..I’ve been an owner op for many years and also company driver and I’ve always been successful.

Submitted by Debieve Burge, company driver
Lubbock, Texas