Karyn Ives

I have been driving for 16 years. I started as a single parent raising two daughters. My ex-husband was very abusive. My case was so bad to this day if it’s Googled I made national news, and a 20-year judge was removed from the bench because he wouldn’t grant me protective orders after several severe beatings.

I have overcome a mini stroke, a full hysterectomy and my parents’ deaths. I don’t mind the long quiet hours driving, the hustle and bustle of cities to fifth-wheel grease in my hair to broken fingernails because in the end of the day I know America is fed, clothes on their backs and babies have medicine because of people like myself that went from being a regional manager at Sears to driving a tractor and trailer I love that on the first day of school intimidated me. But I knew it would be better for my kids financially. I try to take care of myself out here and noone believes me when I tell them I’m 50 years old. That itself feels awesome.  I also quietly help other drivers financially. I don’t know them but I see or hear of a driver needing help I’ll help out. I remember the days when money was tight and advances were not an option. I think I am beautiful because my heart is sincere, I work hard out on the road but I appreciate everything my life has offered me to overcome obstacles with dignity and came back harder and more determined than before. I want to show other women that “no” and “can’t” aren’t options; that they can do whatever life throws at them … getting dirty as a grease gun to being a lady in heels â€¦ it’s all in attitude and love in your heart.

Submitted by Karyn Ives, owner-operator
Yellville, Arkansas