Erikalynn Graham

Updated Jul 3, 2015
Erikalynn Graham

Erikalynn Graham

Erikalynn Graham

Hometown: Hendersonville, Tennessee

Occuption: company driver for C.R. England

How long trucking: nine years

Hauls: reefer

“What’s on the outside isn’t real beauty. Beauty is about integrity and where your heart is. Having empathy, how you help other people and loving other people as much as you love yourself — because you do need to love yourself.”

Graham is a safety ambassador with C.R. England and has been recognized as a driver of the month for them. Her passion doesn’t stop at trucking, though. She has a serious love for cooking, fishing with her son, rescuing animals and caring for them — and above all she really values putting her friends and family before herself.


Her nomination:

She is the most beautiful caring understanding woman I have ever met..she really goes the extra mile to help someone out…she loves to laugh and loves her dog, Mr. Right!

Submitted by Darrell Brunk, friend

Erikalynn Graham is the kindest, warmest, and most caring person I have ever met. She is blessed with an positive attitude that makes everyone around her feel comfortable, accepted, and understood. Erikalynn has a natural affinity for helping those in need. She is not only a beautiful person on the outside. But a beautiful person on the inside as well.

Submitted by Angelique Adams, friend

Erika takes such pride in her work. In her 8-plus years with C.R. England, she has been recognized as Driver of the Year and she is a Safety Ambassador. She LOVES being a truck driver and it shows. She is also a loving mother, sister and daughter and of course, she’s beautiful too. Erika would make a stellar Ambassador for Overdrive and her success in her field would demonstrate the great opportunities for females in the historically male dominated trucking industry.

Submitted by Kimberly Whitmer, sister

I’ve never seen someone as dedicated to life on the road, making their loads on time, all the while making safety a top priority, the way Erikalynn does! I should also add that she is the safety ambassador at her company. She sacrifices time with her family, most of all her son, to make sure that America’s consumers have what they need to maintain the comfortable lifestyle that she herself has given up.

Submitted by Sarah Schaffer, friend