Porche White

Updated Mar 13, 2017


I believe what makes me beautiful is inspiration. Growing up, the men in my family all drove trucks, meanwhile I won beauty reviews, was on homecoming courts, playing basketball all the way up and through college, and winning who’s who awards. Well, I lost myself during college, I learnt quickly life was not a popularity contest or only about pretty clothes and faces. I realized it would be OK for me to quit all those things, I didn’t have to be miss popular or perfect. I loved riding with my folks but had never drove a truck. Well trucking school came about and for me it was different. No one expected pretty little Porche to become a truck driver. Some might say, “ew, she is a truck driver?” Or might think I’m chewing tobacco and spitting everywhere, and I was fine with that. I found that my beauty wasn’t in my appearance (that just draws in the attention) or my popularity, but in my happiness, in my success, & mostly inspiration. My inspiration to show others to be different not fit in with the crowd. Do what makes you happy. You can be whatever you put your mind too. And now seeing everyone from my hometown proud of me doing not the norm but what makes me happy & inspiring the younger women & even older women (my class mates mom just became a truck driver after seeing I could do it) in my hometown that it’s okay to stand out not for trying to fit in but for doing what makes you happy & being different. I enjoy driving down the road looking down & seeing girls & women look up at me to do a double take to see this small young pretty girl driving this big truck (& they smile, wave, & give me thumbs up) makes me feel as if I’m giving them hope, hope to reach any goal they chase in life knowing they can be & do anything they put their minds to. Also men, not just women. My goal in life is to inspire. In conclusion I want to grab their attention with my pretty face, but grab their minds with my action & hard work to inspire them also that they are beautiful & can be or do anything they put their minds too. Thanks for this opportunity!

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